[Birthday] Jian Ci’s Birthday 2010



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[Lyrics] “Rockstar”

作词:梁永泰(Terrytyelee) 、M.I.C.男团、F.W@日夜

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[News] MIC on Happy Camp

Hunan TV (Happy Camp) – Saturday, September 4th 7:35PM
(Warning: This article is VERY bias but only mildly funny)

MIC, after years of training under Taihe Rye Music, finally debuted with a BANG(!!!) with their single “Troubled Heart/Great Trouble.” Their dedication could be seen through their absolutely stunning and flawless performances. (more…)

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To You – From Us (A Project)

So now that it’s starting to look like Taihe Rye will be releasing the boys’ album sometime this year after all, we’ll revive our plans for MIC’s official debut (picture collage, video, handwritten letter … anything else. I really hope we could get as many people as possible to be a part of this.

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[Birthday] Xiao Xin’s Birthday 2010

A poem I wrote for Mr. Eloquent, but it probably pales in comparison to his stuff 538cf44ddf419d72aec3ab86

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[News] Happy Camp, MV, and more!

The boys are finishing their album, but their single, “Yao Ming De Fao Nao” is already out and doing well in a Chinese website.


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[Pic Spam] New Photoshoot


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