[News] MIC on Happy Camp

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Hunan TV (Happy Camp) – Saturday, September 4th 7:35PM
(Warning: This article is VERY bias but only mildly funny)

MIC, after years of training under Taihe Rye Music, finally debuted with a BANG(!!!) with their single “Troubled Heart/Great Trouble.” Their dedication could be seen through their absolutely stunning and flawless performances.

The Fab 5 performed their now famous rendition of “Apologize” as the episode’s opening act, to endless cheers from the audience. Their powerful dance moves and commanding presence instantly captured the audience’s attention and hearts.

MIC’s Vice Captain, Xiao Yin, then openly expressed his admiration (and undying love) for Xie Na. Mr. Prince Charming nearly caused Xie Na to have a change of heart during his piano serenade dedicated purely and solely to her. (Barley would like to take this chance to Apologize to Zhang Jie for Xiao Xin’s Troubled Heart)

During the individual talent segment of the show, Yue Han displayed the most unique talent – performing the act of opening his mouth in slow motion (because normal people would never do that in front of an audience of 300 million), and challenged on the spot funny expressions (鬼脸).

On the same episode, the production team also invited a mystery guest from America, who turned out to be MIC’s trainer and dance instructor Jesse. He’s resume sure is impressive, as are them arms. For example, he is Britney’s dance instructor and Pink’s concert dance choreographer. Jesse is also the trainer on “American’s Best Dance Crew”, where many street crew became household names over night (e.g. JabbaWockeeZ, Quest Crew). The episode also included a collaborative performance between Jesse and MIC, stirring the inner dancer in all those watching.

Source: HunanTV

Translator/Commentator: chikimonki @ Cfensi

The Additional Note: this writer would like to apologize to her baby Jianci for her wavering heart during Xiao Xin’s serenade.

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