To You – From Us (A Project)

August 29, 2010 at 3:52 am Leave a comment

So now that it’s starting to look like Taihe Rye will be releasing the boys’ album sometime this year after all, we’ll revive our plans for MIC’s official debut (picture collage, video, handwritten letter … anything else. I really hope we could get as many people as possible to be a part of this.

1) Photo Collage – make a collage of everyone holding up a short message of encouragement.

2) Video Collage – We’ll need a lot of people for this, I was thinking of letting everything sing (good or badly) a line from “Yao Min De Fan Nao” (lyrics here). It would be a video of you singing or an audio (we would like to have your picture if it’s an audio but it you don’t want to we understand).

3) Personal Options
– Video message (preferred). This will involve you speaking your message to the boys into a camera. (Pretty self-explanatory, imo). Speak in Chinese or English, if possible. Remember to tell us/them where you’re from.
– Audio message. You don’t have to be on camera, but you do still have to record your voice, and we’ll replace the visual in the video with a picture. Speak in Chinese or English, if possible. Remember to tell us/them where you’re from.
– Written message. Write down your message here. We’ll put it into the video. Remember to tell us/them where you’re from.

Our Contact Info (Links on the side)
E-Mail: madeformic (a) yahoo (dot) com
Twitter: MadeForMIC

So, everyone who want to participate, please choose which one of the options you want to do (it could be more than one). Please reply with the option you chose and expected submission date/time. Further information and deadline will be given later.

So, let’s do this, guys! Yay for MICROPHONE!

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