[News] Happy Camp, MV, and more!

August 16, 2010 at 1:51 pm Leave a comment

The boys are finishing their album, but their single, “Yao Ming De Fao Nao” is already out and doing well in a Chinese website.

M.I.C also opened a discussion to their MV for the song, asking Da Mai to tell them their love experiences!

Activities: MIC recently released the single “Terrible Trouble”, which tells the story of meeting the one. Do you, Da Mai, still remember the first time you experienced that kind of love? Was it is not also a kind of “terrible trouble”? Like the lyrics described:

只想挽回炙热心跳 我的呼吸露出马脚
不是不知地厚天高 不是恰巧庸人自扰

Event Description: Write about your first love and its beautiful memories, through words and pictures. There’s a chance your plot could be featured in MIC MV for “Terrible Trouble” (their first ever MV!). So be creativity and have fun!

What are you waiting for? Act quickly! Pen down the most beautiful experience, the most painful memory, the most memorable love. Pen down the most “terrible trouble” that have accompanied you day in and day out, but which is also our most precious asset in life.

Activity Award: selected five “active participation” award (sent Signed CD)
5 “moving” Award (to send signed CD and poster)
5 “never forget” Award (to send signed CD and poster)
5 “memories” Award (sent Signed CD and poster)

The boys also went to Hunan, on August 14th, to record Happy Camp!

As they’re finishing this never ending album, they don’t appear much. We can’t wait for their Happy Camp videos! (:

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