[Interview] 4.23.10 MIC Show Off Talent (Album Style Still a Secret)

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Interviewer:   Welcome, folks to Chao Ji Main Dui Mian (Show).  I am host Huang.  today, I am joined by five idols.  Because of their arrival, many people are really interested.  Please welcome MIC boyband.  Please say hi to our viewers.

MIC: Hello everyone.  We are very happy to be guests on this show.  We are MIC!

Host:  Why don’t you guys all introduce yourselves.  Let’s  start from yao yao. 

Yao Yao:  Hi, everyone.  My name is Xiao Shun Yao.  In MIC, my skills are beat boxing, singing and rapping.

John:I’m Chi Yue Han.  I’m skilled in dancing and choreography.  I’m lead vocal.

Jian Ci:  Hey guys!  My name is Tan Jian Ci.  In the group, I’m main dancer and a bass singer, although I sometimes sing in the tenor range.

Wang Hao: Hi. I’m leader Wang Hao and main vocal.  I’m expert at popping.

Yong Xin:Hello.  I’m Zhao Yong Xin.  My specialties are playing instruments and composing.  I usually sing high octaves.

Host: May I ask how did Wang become part of MIC?

Wang Hao:  Our management traveled all over china to find just future idols.  Many people auditioned, but at the end, they only picked around ten people to become trainees.  We five were put together for MIC after intense training.

Jian Ci:  We were the only ones picked from the group of trainees.

Host:  Wow! Sounds intense. Haha.  This group wants to introduce an American flavor of music to our audience.  Did you five ever have a difference in opinions?  For example, about lyrics?

Wang Hao:  If we have disagreements on lyrics, we will discuss various plans.  Although we have disagreements during work hours, the end product is great. 

Host: Most of us heard about MIC from the large contest.  Now you guys are making your very 1st album.  Do you guys have certain expectations for the album?

Yao Yao:  Since this is our first album, we hope our music will be accepted by more people.  We hope to introduce a different type of music to listeners.  It Doesn’t matter if it’s dancing, acting or singing.  We will showcase the best to our fans.  We hope for a really successful debut.

Host: What songs in the album showcase your individual skills?  Yue Han?

Yue Han:  I hope our first album is similar to the type popular in America.  There are a few ballads in the album.  Hope to show more skill and improve quickly.

Jian Ci:  I hope we become well known in Asia or at least throughout China.,Since we love hip hop, we will definitely display our best effort for this album.  We want to have positive reviews on our vocals as well as our compositions.

Wang Hao:  I want listeners to start dancing when they hear our fast songs.  I want them to tear up when it’s a slow song.

Host: Xiao Xin:  What are your thought on the album?

Yong Xin:  hmm…I hope our 1st album can establish us as rising artists in the industry.  I hope that when you guys listen to our songs, you will be reminded of MIC.

Host:  You guys have encountered a lot of hardships during the training.  How do u guys feel about that?

Yao yao:already gotten used to it

Jian Ci:around twenty people were picked.  Every month  there was an evaluation.  In the end we were the only trainees left.  We thought that was all.  But joining mi hu was the last test.

Host:   All the prize money is used to produce your 1st album.  What progress have you made on the album ?

Wang Hao:we are currently recording.  The main song is what we’re most concerned with.

Host:What kind of arrangement is it??Can you guys show us what it sounds like?

Wang hao:Nope, it should be a surprise.

Host:   What do you think is the best way to get famous?

Shun Yao:hmmm…we’re not really thinking about fame…We treated the mi hu performance as a chance to let fans know us.  We didn’t think of it as a contest.  We just want people to enjoy our music.

About covering Poker face

Host:  I heard you guys did a cover for lady gaga’s poker face.  This song has been immensely popular.  Lady gaga is also immensely popular.  What made you guys cover her song?

Jian ci:  We first heard Poker Face during dance practice.  We loved the song so much, so we decided to cover it.

Host:  You guys really like dance music and want to show audience new styles.  Will your album have dance music? 

Wang hao:   Yes.  Oh no! we let the secret out haha.

Host: Can Yue Han (John) dance?

Yue Han:  I didn’t really know how to…but after joining MIC, I’m getting better at it.

Host:  Do you like dancing or beat box better?

Yue Han:  Dancing.

Host:  Hope today people can see your talents since you guys are still newbies.  Yue Han, why don’t you show us some beatbox? And Yao Yao, dancing?

YueHan: Sure. 

Host: Wow that was really cool!  The staff just said you guys were really nervous.  You guys need to have more self confidence.  Anyways, Yao yao, show em what u got?

Yao Yao:  I’ll show u guys a move that’s easy and cool.  

 Host:Is dancing your hobby?

Yao Yao:Yea.  It’s my hobby.  I just love learning new moves from the instructor.

Host:  Where is your instructor from?

Yao Yao:Our dance instructors are from other countries.  Right now, our instructor is American.

Host:   Jian Ci is the quiet one of the group?

Jian Ci:  Sometimes I’m talkative.  Other times I’m quiet.  Depends.

Host:  Did u major in dance in college?

Jian Ci:  I didn’t do hip hop.  I did Chinese traditional.  

Yue Han:  When Jian Ci speaks on the phone, his voice is really deep, sounds really mature.

Host:  Wang hao, how do you act as leader?  

Wang Hao:  I understand them all very well.  Everyone’s personality is different.  I deal with them differently.  For example, Jian Ci loves to eat.  To get him to listen to me, I tell him “I’ve got food here.”

Host:  When will you’re album drop?

Wang Hao:  …in the summer?

translated by translator22 from http://ent.xinmin.cn/2010/04/23/4577169.html

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  • 1. lama  |  December 4, 2010 at 6:31 pm

    ik wil weeten hoe je de idols box microfoon aan zet maar hoe


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