Tianjin Signing Event

After a stunning performance on Hunan TV New Year’s Eve Concert, the boys of MIC continued their album promotion with little rest. MIC’s next stop in Tianjin on January 3rd marked their third album signing/ fan meeting event of their EP ’s promotional tour. The event took place outdoors on one of the coldest day of the year -6°C (? °F). However, the cold weather did not damper fan’s enthusiasm, many of whom have been camping in the square since the early morning to show support for their idols. (more…)

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Happy New Year!

The boys performing at Hunan TV New Year’s Eve Concert with Tang Xiao.

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MIC Debut and Game Show

MIC Debut                         (translated by translator22 from tudou video)

Host: Hey, MIC.  Why don’t you introduce yourselves?

Xiao Xin: Hi everyone. I’m Xiao Xin, 2nd leader.

Host: Wow. Only 5 people in the group and two leaders! U guys just have to look after those 3.

Jian Ci: Hey guys. I’m backup leader Jian Ci.

Host: you have a cool name dude.

Jian Ci: thank you!

Wang Hao: I’m leader Wang Hao.

Host: the leader I see.

Yue han: I’m Yue Han.

Host: welcome, Yue Han.  Hey, dude in the red shirt…(referring to yao yao)

Yao Yao: Hey guys. I’m yao yao.

Wang Hao: actually, teacher. We thought of a cool way to introduce ourselves.

Host: Ok guys. I wanna hear it.

MIC makes up a cheesy song:

We are MIC, we are MIC

Very happy to come to the set of “Who in the world is it”

We love to sing and dance

If you like us, please clap your hands

Host: Dang! That was tight!  You made a simple song sound so beautiful.  Audience, please remember MIC. They are awesome!

MIC: teacher, actually we brought a gift for you.  This is our EP just released.

Host #2: (runs up from backstage and grabs a few CDs) thanks guys!! Wooo

Host #1: this is our show’s other host

Host #2: I’m gonna put these 2 CDs in my briefcase later k?

Host #1: sure.  Pause.  When MIC came here, I was so happy.  I felt so young standing on stage with them. 

Host#2: When I was your guy’s age, I was pretty handsome too.

Host#1: that was 40 yrs ago

Host #2 …(changes topic)I’m really good at determining liars.

Host #1: out of these 5, who is most likely to lie in the future?

Host #2: hmmm…Um this guy in the blue jacket….

Host #1: this guy is xiao xin.

Host#2: xiao xin. Everyone needs to be careful! (xiao xin =careful)

Host#1: really? He doesn’t look it.

Host#2: look closely.  See how he touches his nose and chin?  Too many movements = nervousness

Host#1: this is jian ci.

Host #2: hmm…what’s ur star sign?

Jian ci: I’m a libra.

Host#2 beware of libras.  Rank #2 type that likes to lie.  Wht is your leader’s horoscope?

Wang Hao: I’m a Taurus

Host #1: I’m like to introduce Mr. Guo here (the man in the Garfield costume)

Mr. Gou hands out earphones for game. Lights dim

Host #1: Alright! Let’s start the game.  Here are some ingredients at the table.  I want MIC each to make a drink out of whatever is there…and drink it!

Wang Hao: omg! I don’t want to drink it

Host #1: just try a little.  Alright: question 1: what are leader’s bad qualities?

Jian ci: sleeping too much

Xiao xin: snoring

Yue han: Grinding teeth

Yao yao: not eating grapes

Host#1: what??? 0_0 that’s not a bad quality

Start 2nd game

Host#1: ur gonna show us some dance moves?

Wang hao: yea. Lets show em guys!

3rd game: (blindfolds jian ci, has him reach into a fish tank)

Jian ci: omg! It’s a small snake 0_0

End with yao ming de fang nao

Host: alright, our shows almost over.  We’re giving out 5 motorcycles to lucky audience

Who is gonna be the winner?

(Each MIC person calls out a number.)

Host: Thanks for watching EVERYONE.  Have a great night!  See you next time!

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[MV] Rockstar

It’s finally out!

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[Pics] M.I.C’s Debut Mini Show (20.10.2010)

Yes, finally a long road, it was our boys’ time to shine even more!


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[Pics] EP Cover Pics


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[Songs] New Songs

M.I.C released three more songs of their debut EP. Click in  “Read More” to read/listen the songs and it’s lyrics.


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[Birthday] Jian Ci’s Birthday 2010



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[Lyrics] “Rockstar”

作词:梁永泰(Terrytyelee) 、M.I.C.男团、F.W@日夜

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[News] MIC on Happy Camp

Hunan TV (Happy Camp) – Saturday, September 4th 7:35PM
(Warning: This article is VERY bias but only mildly funny)

MIC, after years of training under Taihe Rye Music, finally debuted with a BANG(!!!) with their single “Troubled Heart/Great Trouble.” Their dedication could be seen through their absolutely stunning and flawless performances. (more…)

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